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ready nas 214: Volume data is degraded


ready nas 214: Volume data is degraded

This is the second time DISK 4 had reported failure and with a brand new disk this only lasted a few months before it happened again

  • Volume root is degraded
  • Volume data is degraded
  • 2019-03-27 15:22:16: md/raid:md127: raid level 5 active with 3 out of 4 devices, algorithm 2
  • 2019-03-27 14:07:21: md/raid:md127: raid level 5 active with 3 out of 4 devices, algorithm 2

I still have a hardware warranty on this but since I have no email support does anyone have any suggestions. I dont want to buy another disk for this to just happen again and am concerned there is something more going on with the hardware.


Has anyone upgraded from a 214 to higher level NAS series with more stability?  Can the disks just be hot swapped into a new NAS. thanks in advance.



Model: RN214|4 BAY Desktop ReadyNAS Storage
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Re: ready nas 102: Volume data is degraded

You can request an RMA via my.netgear.com.  


However, I suggest that you test disk 4 in a Windows PC (using vendor tools - seatools for Seagate, lifeguard for Western Digital), and confirm that you weren't just unlucky with the second disk failure.  Reallocated and pending sectors can't be triggered by the NAS itself. CMD timeouts and ATA errors can be an issue with the chassis.


Another possibility (less likely) is that the NAS can't supply enough power to all four drives.  What disk models are you using?

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Re: ready nas 102: Volume data is degraded

Thanks For the reply.

Not sure what happened in teh subject when I posted but the model I have actually is the RN214 and i have 4 drives of the same:

WD Red Pro 6TB SATA III 7200rpm 128MB Cache


Im running a check on the disk with WD tools and its running an extended test about a day left....takes a while?

If the disk comes out ok then I guess I'll look for the RMA, as the other post I made was that the USB ports have been giving me errors where one doesnt work and the other gives error on reading a disk so i can do additional backups



Model: RN214|4 BAY Desktop ReadyNAS Storage
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Re: ready nas 102: Volume data is degraded

You are never told this.  You just buy a NAS and some HDD and think that's it.  When really you should have a Second NAS for a backup!!!  A file in 1 location is not a backup. Not even on a NAS.


My backup NAS powers on 2 days a week late at night to allow the main NAS to send anything that's new to the backup NAS.  It's all automatic.  


You're having issues with your NAS.   If you had a real backup, this wouldn't be such a huge issue.  You can start pulling drives, testing, trying to figure out what is wrong with that NAS.  It's either a NAS issue or an HDD issue.    You would be at least safe in knowing all your files are safe on that other NAS.  If you need access to them, you can have it.  


So really it's twice the cost for a NAS when you think about it.  You need 2 NAS units and double the HDD's.    I've have HDD's in my NAS last a number of years.  In fact some of my oldest ones used to be installed inside a really old NV+ ReadyNAS.  I moved them over.  I had to back up the Data on those drives.  It's a whole different drive format type.   


You need to get your Data backed up as fast as possible.


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