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BUG: ReayNas Pro 6 - RAIDiator 4.2.19

Hi All,

Couldn't find a specific location to report bug feedbacks (unless we missed it!) so thought it would be best to post here.

We have been configuring a Ready NAS Pro 6 to deploy and decided to simulate a disaster (fail to plan - plan to fail and all that)

Anyway, we have 4 drives in there, which we have configured as two sets of RAID 1 (giving volume C and D). Volume C was fully sync'd and Volume D was sync'ing. We decided to pull a drive from Volume C. NAS duly detected failure. Inserted another disk of same size and it reported it would sync the Volume C after it had completed the current task (sync'ing Volume D).

Volume D completed, however Volume C never began its sync process. We had to remove and re-seat the drive for it actually perform the task it had promised to do earlier!

RAIDiator RAIDiator 4.2.19 installed, 4x 2TB WD drives 2x RAID1 volumes.

Just wanted to feedback this bug...probably a very specific set of circumstances to cause this kind of disaster to happen, but still a bug nonetheless

Keep up the good work, super bit of kit otherwise
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Re: BUG: ReayNas Pro 6 - RAIDiator 4.2.19

teamsherr, we'll have someone take a look. Thanks for reporting.
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Re: BUG: ReayNas Pro 6 - RAIDiator 4.2.19

try updating to the newer version, it may have fixes for this.
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