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Beware of IP conflict (

I purchased 2 ReadyNAS units, a 2100 and a 1500 both are the 4TB models.

Out of the box I wanted to convert to the FlexRaid setup so I found the howto: and proceeded. Everytime I did a factory default and then used raidar to make my changes within the first 10 min of booting I would still get the factory default XRaid configuration using 10% for snapshots and 100% remaining disks.

Turns out my devices were not pulling and IP from DHCP during the factory default process so they time out and default to use the address. In my envoirnment it created an IP conflict, my sonicwall is still on it's factory default IP which is So raidar was not able to submit the raid configuration adjustments that I was requesting.

The fix was as simple as plugging 2100 and 1500 into a different subnet in my enviornment (172.16.0.x) and following the howto proceedure.

Netgear tech support confirmed that he boxes will default to the IP if it doesn't pull a DHCP lease.
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