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Can not see blocked device?


Can not see blocked device?


I have just started using Netgear Genie for parental control and have accidently blocked one of our iPads. I can now no longer see the device in the network map to "unblock" it.....HELP!!!


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Re: Can not see blocked device?

Hi @Gibbo77,


If you are referring to the Access Control feature of the NETGEAR Genie app then what you can do is make sure that the iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi and click on the refresh button (top right corner) on the Network Map screen in order for it to show all the connected devices. Once it shows the blocked device then you can unblock it from there. If it still does not show the iPad on the Network Map, you can do it through the routers GUI and you may follow the steps below:


1. Use a device (computer, smartphone, tablet) that is connected to the network.

2. Open a web browser and type www.routerlogin.net on the address bar and press enter.

3. Enter your logins (default is admin for username and password for password) and press enter.

4. Select the Advanced tab > Security > Access Control.

5. Make sure that the iPad is connected to the Wi-Fi.

6. You will see the blocked device on the table then you can check the box and click on Allow then Apply.

7. The iPad should now be able to go online through the Wi-Fi.





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Re: Can not see blocked device?

Thanks Dexter,


Unfortunately the iPad was not on the list.

I could see it in the network map on www.routerlogin.net but still could not have a connection with it.

I ended up restoring to factory settings and all good.


Thnak you! 

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