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Re: Can't Update Verification Methods


Can't Update Verification Methods

I just opened my Android Nighthawk App for the first time in a VERY long time.  My app and Netgear account were using a very old email address so I went online and changed my email address to my new one.  I am able to login with my current email address and password.  BUT, upon login the app says "We don't recognize this device."  So it tries to push a message to my OLD cell phone.  When I choose "Try Another Verification Method" the app still has my OLD email address.  I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the app on my current phone.  I started searching the web and the Netgear community and see man posts about this same issue.  BUT all the solutions point to two step verificaiton settings that I can't seem to get to.  I have logged into my Netgeear account, tried under login settings (which is where I was able to change my email address), Netgear Meural, etc...  But there is nowhere to delete or remove old verification methods.  I have no way to access my old phone or email address.  If I could just create a new account and associate my router with that new account that would be great but I have a feeling if I create a new account it will not allow me to associate my router with the new account?  I have seen posts saying once logged into the app you can update the verification methods but I can't get past the login verification step on the app to do so.  Can anyone help?

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Re: Can't Update Verification Methods

Hello buckeyes822, 


Thanks for reaching out. May you send me a private message with the following info:



Router Serial Number:

Old Phone Number:

New Phone Number:




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Re: Can't Update Verification Methods

I need to update the phone number for two-step verification and can't figure out how. I've gone to the website, but there is no 2FA stuff there and no phone number. On the mobile app, it shows the one phone number as primary and no options to change it.

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Re: Can't Update Verification Methods

Same here.  Were you able to figure this out.  Every time I sign into the iphone App, I have to go through the same stupid 2 step authentication.  I like the security but it be great to add my newer phone.

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Re: Can't Update Verification Methods

Have you had any success fixing your verification method problem?  I am having the same issue but can't get anyone to help.  No way to change the verification email (which is not accessible) or even add a new one or phone number.

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Re: Can't Update Verification Methods

Sort of.   I turned off 2FA and that seems to have at least fixed the issue of having to sign in every time.  I generally prefer 2FA as on other apps/sites, it remembers the device for at least a period of weeks.  But I couldn't get that to work so this is the best workaround.

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