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Re: Can't connect through NH App


Can't connect through NH App

I'm not able to connect to the router via the Nighthawk app (android version While connected to the network, I can login through routerlogin.net and by IP address of But when I try to connect in the app, I get to the login screen and after entering admin/password, it says "your router is unreachable." I've reset the router multiple times both through app and unplugged. Router is currently on firmware V1.0.4.128_10.0.104. I've also removed and reinstalled app.
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Re: Can't connect through NH App

@PJD1978 wrote:
I'm not able to connect to the router via the Nighthawk app (android version

Which router is that? Netgear has made many over the years. And the firmware numbers tell us nothing about the model number.


It might also help if you told people what the modem is in front of this router, if there is one. The make and model number could be useful. Is it, by any chance, also a router, with a set of LAN ports on the back?

The reason for asking is that a lot of people turn up here trying to put a router behind a modem that is also a router. That can complicate troubleshooting.

Apologies for all the questions. But you can help people to help you by providing the information suggested in this forum's header:


Subject (Include model number and brief summary)
Model (Recommended - Helps the community give the best answers)
Body (Include additional detail including model version, firmware, OS and environment where relevant.)


They are there for a good reason.





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Re: Can't connect through NH App

Router is R6700v3
Modem is Spectrum E31T2V1

I should also note that I used to be able to connect via the app. I'm not sure what, if anything, changed from when I originally purchased router about 3 years ago.
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