Can't log on to network drives/computers unless I'm logged into Genie


Can't log on to network drives/computers unless I'm logged into Genie

I have a reasonably new high spec PC running windows 7. I have an R6250 AC router which I have purchased since i got the PC. Basically, I used to be able to access my home network resources (network HDD, HDD plugged into the router USB, other PCs on the network) but I suddenly lost access to these (none of the devices were showing up in 'Network' in windows explorer). I could access the resources using IP addresses and other computers on the network could access these as well as access my laptop. At first I thought this may be a router issue or IP conflict or similar but nothing i tried seemed to sort this other than occasionally for a brief time. 


I have now managed to determine that the brief times I had access were when I had logged into Netgear Genie (generally when using genie while trying for other solutions). Now when I start Genie I get direct access to the drive on the routers USB port, get access to my network HDD but require to log in each time eventhough remember my credentials is selected an can see one of the laptops but but am being denied access to it (I am guessing this requires the password re entered but is failing to ask).


I originally had taken genie out of auto start via 'msconfig' as I didn't see the point in it running when not needed but this is now set to auto start in both msconfig and by right clicking on its icon in the notification area, however it does not auto run at start up.


I have tried uninstalling Genie (as the same info can be accessed via the browser log in) but this doesn't cure the problem and I have had to reinstall in order to log in so I can again gain access to my network drives.


Does Genie take over control of logging into network resources?


Ideally I would like to uninstall this program but was wondering if the uninstall is leaving something behind  that is still controlling access to network resources. Else, I would like Genie to auto start so network resources were immediately accessable. 


Has anyone else suffered from similar issues or have any ideas for solutions.


As I have implied, all workgroup, share settings etc are correct, they used to work and the same settings work on other computers. They also still work but only once logged into Genie which is why I am convinced Genie is causing the problem. The other laptops on the network don't have genie installed and work as expected.


Please let me know if you require further info.


Many thanks for your time and assistance



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Re: Can't log on to network drives/computers unless I'm logged into Genie

Do you not have access to another computer which you can use on the LAN to access shares (without Genie installed)?


I have installed / uninstalled / reinstalled Genie many times and used it with a number of routers without any issues, so I would expect that you should be able to uninstall without problems.


I also access network shares from a number of NAS drives on my LAN, the routers play no part in that activity for me, I could if I wish power off the router and the LAN would continue to operate, I have several network switches. Also, those Netgear routers that I do have on my LAN are configured as Access Points, my router is a Draytek.


I do occasionally have issues with Windows 7 PCs accessing the NAS drives, and these issues are authentication related, the way Windows tries to (or fails to) access the network resources after a reboot for example. So I’m not convinced that Genie is the cause of your issues, but it could be related.

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