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Login pwd not same as Genie one for XWM5001?


Login pwd not same as Genie one for XWM5001?

I finally got this set up and working with a Virgin Media DHCP modem...what a pain. I have the XWM5001 and the XAV5201 setup.

The genie screen gave me a pwd for my renamed connection ZZZ-EXT which is LONG like eg (but not really the pwd) :rolleyes:


Then I was IN and working. And I can connect my tablet wirelessly in our shed/office easily and it's not asking for the pwd...great. 😄

But I wanted to try my Kindle Fire HD and Android phone with it and it fails to authenticate. Is there another pwd creation step I have missed?

I have been including the hyphens in the pwd when entering.

Help... this has taken days to sort out because of Virgin's dynamic IP system. I don't want to start over from factory reset, etc which I have done over and over. The Genie just didn't want to play nice at first. 😞

Cheers for any help and correction of any stupidity on my part. :confused:


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Re: Login pwd not same as Genie one for XWM5001?

Hi @Lewlew,


You may install the Powerline Utility for you to be able to modify the wireless settings of the device. This will allow you to create a preferred network name or SSID and password as well to make sure that the devices that you connectare using the right credentials.


You can download the utility using the link below:




Once you have it installed, you can follow the steps below:


1. Use a computer that is connected to the network

2. Open the Powerline Utility

3. Select Network Map

4. Click the Powerline icon on the Network Map screen (first icon on the top right). The Powerline Utility screen displays

5. Right click on the XWN5001 and select Wireless configuration

6. You can then modify the name of the network, security type and passphrase

7. Select Apply

8. Try connecting your wireless devices to the powerlines network





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