NetGear Genie - Bug


NetGear Genie - Bug

Not sure whats causing it, but it's been a source of frustration.
From time to time Genie apparently craps it's pants, and starts limiting the bandwidth of my Internet, badly. When you "exit" the software to shut it down, the process jumps to 25% (full load on a single core on my 4 core system) and remains there for a while, and then shuts down. During this time it cant be terminated in the process manager.

It's a behavior that started with the last update, and it is going to get the genie removed from my system. Since NetGear is among the least user-friendly companies i know off, i couldn't find an appropriate place to make a bug report, or offer to help locating the issue.

Windows 7 Pro (Updated as updates are released)
i5 2500 / MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)
8GB RAM Samsung 830 120GB SSD for OS & software
4x500GB WD 2x 500GB Seagate.

Network configuration:
Dell Powerconnect 2724 vLan_1
Smoothwall (Router / firewall PC with dedicated OS.
Dell Powerconnect 2724 vLan_2
PC's, & Headless server boxes. Generic 8-port gigabit switch.
Generic 8-port gigabit switch:
R6200, NAS, Media units, UPS.

Thats about all i can be providing at this point. If there is any questions, i'm more then willing to help out, but since the genie is going to be shut down, i doubt i'll see the error state anytime soon. Meaning, that for bug testing, your on your own. I sure hope someone is on hand to get this to NetGear, or the software will never get fixed. Hopefully it's something fairly rare, so that it doesn't affect that many.


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Re: NetGear Genie - Bug

I was having the same problem and did a workaround by using System Restore to roll back the OS to before was installed. I'm not upgrading Genie until another version is released.
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Re: NetGear Genie - Bug

I too had the same bug in my Netgenie so I reloaded the original version then loaded which I still had saved in my downloads which works.:) Good luck.:o You are right in Netgear could be more user friendly in many ways.
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