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Netgear Genie PC application Log In Problems


Netgear Genie PC application Log In Problems

I can access genie online but not through the pc application. When I try to log into the pc version it times out. Also, when I try to access the parental controls on the pc application it tries to check my firmware but then complains that I am not connected to the internet but I am connected. I tried chatting with netgear support but they only said it could be my firewall (I am using McAfee). I followed their advice by turning off the firewall, uninstalling the PC version of Genie and reinstalling. This did not work (same problems). Can anyone provide some ideas on what I can try to get the pc version working? I would like to use bypass accounts and I believe the software has to be installed on the device in order for the bypass accounts to work. Another clue is that I installed the pc version of genie on my son's laptop and ran into the same exact problems that I did on my desktop pc.
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Re: Netgear Genie PC application Log In Problems

With all of the views I can't believe there were no helpful responses. This makes me wonder if all the other viewers are having similar problems with this buggy software. Anyway, I eventually figured it out myself and am posting the solution for the future benefit of others who may be having similar problems.

If you set up some of the advanced features outside of the Genie desktop software (IP Address Reservation) the Router Login and LPC in the desktop version of Genie will stop working. No-one at support can explain why but you will then need to choose what's more important to you. IP Address Reservation or Bypass Accounts...
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