Netgear Genie and AppleTV


Netgear Genie and AppleTV

I bought a AppleTV console to replace my PS3 as a media server and to play netflix. I didn't realize the capabilities of this appleTV along with my R6300 router and my iphone/Ipad Genie app. I use to stream from my PS3 to the up stairs TV and was happy with that, it all worked good.
I can now with the genie app, access my 2 terabyte HD downstairs and along with airplay on my IPad, I can stream my downloaded shows right through to my tv upstairs with this appleTV thus not needing a big bulky PS3 nor encountering cinavia.
I thought I'd share this for those who use a PS3 or other rendering console to how handy using the AppleTV and the genie app with your Iproduct.

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Re: Netgear Genie and AppleTV

Hi @Alter,


Thank you for sharing this and we are glad that you find the NETGEAR Genie very useful in your network setup. We certainly appreciate your feedback and rest assured that we are continuously working on improving our products and features.





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