Nighthawk App Device Name issue


Nighthawk App Device Name issue

I've seen many discussions on the app not saving, or not being able to save device names.  On my app, using a iPhone 7, there is no way to edit device names.  When I log in to my router on my laptop, I see the device names saved.  As far back as 2020 I see that Netgear has said they have no ETA on a fix on this issue.  Is there one now?  I just purchased and am contemplating returning and going back to my Comcast router.  It might be worth the extra 15 dollars a month just so we can turn on and off my childrens devices easier.  But before I do that I'd like to know if there is a fix for this in 2023.  Using C6250 wifi router, firmware 1.02.02.  It feels like a Nighthawk issue, not a router issue, unless the router should be communicating to the app to save the device names.  Thank you.

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