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Nighthawk App - No option to save device names


Nighthawk App - No option to save device names

I was using the Genie app on my phone and it worked fined except I cannot change the device names on the 2nd page. I can change the device names on the first page. I went to look up the problem and saw that Genie is no longer being supported. So I downloaded the Nighthawk app like it says. The Nighthawk app is even worse because it does not give an option to change device names at all. I am using the android version of Nighthawk app. My router Firmware Version V1.03.01

Who thought it was a good idea to drop Genie and then force a change to Nighthawk which has less features then Genie? I tried clicking everywhere in the app but I cannot find where to change the device names. What a piece of crap. I definitely will not be buying Netgear again if this is their version of a good change. I am not going to have a list with the MAC or IP address of every device just so I can look it up to know which device I want to manage.

I will give the benefit of a doubt that I missed where to change device name in the android Nighthawk app. If so then where is it? If not I will be looking for a different brand for router. I was looking into buying a new one here in the next couple months but will skip Netgear unless this is fixed. Usually going from one program to the other means more functions but Nighthawk has less. I would rather stick with Genie and never update the app.

Model: C7000|Nighthawk - AC1900 WiFi Cable Modem Router
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Re: Nighthawk App - No option to save device names

Same issue here, how much time do we need to waste on this issue
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Re: Nighthawk App - No option to save device names

I’m having the exact issue. The App won’t let me do anything with device names. Also, Genie shows 24 devices and no matter what I do the nighthawk app only shows 15.
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Re: Nighthawk App - No option to save device names

Hello Community, 


Our product teams are currently looking into the issue. At this time we do not have an ETA on a fix. 


Thank you for understanding,


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