Nighthawk App (formerly up)


Nighthawk App (formerly up)

I received a notice from Netgear that my firmware needed to be updated.  I was instructed to download the Nighthawk App to my smartphone (android), which I did.  I logged in, completed the connection to my router and eventually got to a screen that says "Firmware Out of Date, Visit to update your router's firmware."  At the bottom of the screen is a highlighted link to "OPEN ROUTERLOGIN.NET".  When I click on the link the screen changes to detecting the router and, after 2 - 3 seconds changes back to the previous "Firmware Out of Date".  Can you tell me how to complete the update since it does not appear to be working.  thank you.

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Re: Nighthawk App (formerly up)

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You can always access the router UI and do the update from there. The links below may help.




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