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Nighthawk app doesn't recognize my WN2500RP (extender)


Nighthawk app doesn't recognize my WN2500RP (extender)

I have just bought the AC2400 and started using the Nighthawk app. For some reason the app doesn't recognize my WN2500RP (extender). The extender is working fine, connecting to devices. I just want the app to work & notice it and work with it.

I have gone into the setup and add a device, being connected to the extender's wifi (I have tried both bands), with mobile data off on my android, with no luck finding it to mess with the setup.

I am ultimately trying to get the "Google Home" app to recognize devices on the extender, for some reason it is not doing this.


Model: AC2400|Nighthawk AC2400 Smart WiFi Router, WN2500RP|Universal Dual Band WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Nighthawk app doesn't recognize my WN2500RP (extender)

the wn2500rp was released in 2012. Long before networking companies were integrating their products into the app process. I didn't see the app really becoming popular/useful until orbi.


You can even look in the wn2500rp's manual and it has nothing about "app's" in it. 

WN2500RP | Universal WiFi Range Extender | NETGEAR Support


so your management is going to be through the browser and not the app. 

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