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Nighthawk app no devices connected?


Nighthawk app no devices connected?

I recently bought the XR500 router. Its been 3 days since I've had it, but dont think it has anything to do with it. Just got the range extender EX7700, seemed to be working. Then I tried connecting my Garage door Geni through wifi and was having problems. So I turned off the extender. Now when I check my Nighthawk app, I have no devices connected according to the app, but I can count at lest 12 devices currently connected. I have checked for current firmware, uninstalled then reinstalled the app, and no change?

 Any ideas?







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Re: Nighthawk app no devices connected?

Find fellow users of the XR500 over in the appropriate section

Nighthawk Pro Gaming Routers - NETGEAR Communities

They may be able to advise on its interaction with the apps.

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Re: Nighthawk app no devices connected?

I just thought since this is a Nighthawk App problem, this would be the spot, but ok, I'll try other group.

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Re: Nighthawk app no devices connected?

There is a subtle interaction between firmware and apps. What works in the app on one device and a particular firmware version may not do the same thing on a different device, or even the same device with different firmware.


I know, baffling.


The point about the XR500 is that it has its own firmware, with DumaOS thrown in. Over in the gaming router forum, the people who cooked that up hang out, whereas this place covers anything and everything.


You may get some answers here, but as you can see there hasn't been rush to respond to your question.


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