R 6220 won’t save device names


R 6220 won’t save device names

I edit a device name , go back to device manager and the new name is there.

i leave Nighthawk app , return later and the name I had replaced is back.

Ex:  One of my devices shows up on the device manager as "default".  I >edit>backspace to remove "default">rename "doorbell camera">save. When I return to the device manager "doorbell camera" will be on the list .

i close Nighthawk . Come back later and "default" is back on the list .

it has saved the names of the devices I has on Genie , but no new name will stay saved.

Router: AC 1200 Smart WiFi Router Model R6220

Firmware Version V1.1.0.86

Nigjthawk Version 2,4.6.1

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Re: R 6220 won’t save device names

Not sure on how we should assist @dhdinslex  ... this does read like the very typical description of a buggy router firmware combined with a borked Nightawk App APIs many experience more or less to a various extent. @ChristineT we would really see how Netgear does see and understand these issues, and what the plans are to escape from this spin of death into the ground.

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