RAX49S Access Control


RAX49S Access Control

I'm using RAX49S and was able to setup my stuff in Access Control initially.  Then a couple days later I noticed a device joined the network that I did not approve so I went to look and see if maybe I had accidently clicked the button to allow all new devices.  But now I just get a message that says "To use Access Control, please use the Nighthwak App".  I don't mind using the app here and there but it doesn't allow me to block everything by default and let on the devices I want on.  Anyone else ran into this or know how to get the ability to do access control directly on the router's webpage back instead of being forced to mess with stuff in the Nighthawk app?  I have rebooted and went ahead and updated to the latest firmware (despite being gun shy thanks to all the BS with the R8000 firmware mess).

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