I have now try to leave a compliant for 2 days. Netgear has make it so hard and dificult that they probleby dosent have any and that looks good in stats! But is real problem for customers. My router keeps rebooting as soon i plug it in. I cant acces it at al. Pleas Netgear contact me so a cant get this problem fixd or get a new. I try to reset the router it dosent work. Ive try to get suport thru your app but i only get that the divice alredy is registrade and then i cant go on.
Model: R6400|AC1750 Smart WiFi Router
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Re: Support/complaint

@Carlgrinch wrote:
I have now try to leave a compliant for 2 days.

How did you try to contact support?


Have you registered the device at MyNetgear?


The easiest way to get in touch is through that route.




Another option is to ask here for help.  Before you do that, you should know that this community is essentially a user-to-user venue with some input from a small band of Netgear techies.


Most of the answers come from fellow users who have no connection with Netgear. They just have a lot of collective experience and are familiar with the sort of problems that turn up here.


If you do that, pick the right area of this forum. You have put your message in the Nighthawk App area, which has nothing to do with your problem.


Your device is a R6000 Series AC WiFi Router. You might get better replies, and find other answers, over in the appropriate section:

R6000 Series AC WiFi Routers - NETGEAR Communities


Whatever you do, be very wary of any Netgear contact phone numbers that you find with a web search. They are often scammers who pay to get a listing for sites that will want to relieve you if money. They have nothing to do with Netgear.


Netgear itself does not provide paid for support. It farms that out to GearHead Technical Support.


GearHead Support


Just another user.

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