WNDR4000 and Genie

WNDR4000 and Genie

Couldn't find the answer with a search.
WNDR4000. Don't know the Genie version, but updated to newest version this AM.
Windows 8.1
Genie has stopped displaying devices in the "Network Map." All I get is an eternal "Scanning." Rebooting PC and router didn't work. I can see the entire network from my cell phone and tablet.
How do I get Genie to display connected devices?

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Re: WNDR4000 and Genie

Check the update site for FW release notes for the 4000 if you haven't already.
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Re: WNDR4000 and Genie

Installed the latest router fw a while back. Went back to the download web page but can find no release notes. I can see a notice I should read the release notes before downloading but I can find no release notes. Have a link?
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Re: WNDR4000 and Genie

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Re: WNDR4000 and Genie

Usually two to see release notes.

Support page will show release note link in screenshot or some firmware and most are in zip file . When you unzip it there is HTML file with release notes.
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