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desktop Netgear genie not opening


desktop Netgear genie not opening

When I first installed Netgear Genie, I was wired to the router to set it up. I unplugged the Ethernet cable to connect wirelessly. Since this PC doesn't have wireless capabilities (it is a Windows 7 Pro PC, but without wireless capabilities), I am using a Netgear adapter. I installed and updated the adapter software. I was able to still use the Netgear Genie at the time. I unplugged the PC, moved it to a different room, and replugged everything back in.

I turned on the PC and found the wireless. However, I am unable to open the desktop. No error appears. It just tries and then nothing. I looked for similar issues, but didn't see any (if I missed, can someone point to the right direction? I only saw ones where a login failed message appeared.).

I am able to login remotely to the router via netgearlogin.net through a broweser, but I don't want to watch the network that way.

I have checked out the Netgear Genie for the adapter, but it doesn't show as much as I want to see. Should I uninstall the Netgear Genie for the adapter and try again for the original? Shouldn't both work? Anyone else have this problem?

Ok. enough questions for now. I appreciate whatever help you can give.

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Re: desktop Netgear genie not opening figured it out...

I was able to figure out my problem. I right clicked and clicked run as administrator.
Now I just have to figure out how to remove my posts. 😄
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