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Can't Access Satellite webpage to update firmware .


Can't Access Satellite webpage to update firmware .



I had been trying to access the configuration page for my satellite MS60 Mesh. However, in the advance configuration page under firmware update, it list the 3 devices, but all grey out and i can't access the satellite devices to manually update the firmware devices.

I looked in different locations, and in the Netgear support page, and nothing available. The only information available is that I need to select the satellite and a window will pop out (page 76 of the manual). This can't be done because I'm unable to choose the other devices and click te link.


Anyone could let me now how can I access the configuration page of my satellites and update the firmware? The auto option is not possible because it says its with the latest version. The latest version available to upgrade is


The current version in the satellite is V1.0.6.102.


I was able to upgrade the Router to the latest version v1.0.6.110. However, Netgear recommends to upgrade the satellites first, but I can't access them (2 satellites).2F78D884-3E5C-4D8A-9A56-EFAFAFEE9ED1.jpeg


Any help is greatly appreciated.


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Re: Can't Access Satellite webpage to update firmware .

Hello kagbeni,


Are you able to update the firmware using the Nighthawk app?



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