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Re: MK63 Mesh - Ethernet Switch Connection


MK63 Mesh - Ethernet Switch Connection

Need to confirm that the MK63 nighthawk mesh can be connected via an ethernet switch. Plan is to use in AP mode and connect to existing ISP router. Also plan/need to connect the mesh units via the existing ethernet network, however the user guide only mentions direct cable to 1 (only) satellite. The "Orbi AC2200 Whole Home Mesh Wi-Fi 5" system clearly shows a switch connected configuration. Can the MK63 do the same ?

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Re: MK63 Mesh - Ethernet Switch Connection

Hi IanW76,


We have received feedback that some users were able to accomplish this as long as the MR60 is set into AP mode.


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Re: MK63 Mesh - Ethernet Switch Connection

Have similar question. Bought the MK63 mesh hoping I could use wired ethernet for the backhaul but it doesn't appear that the satellites can use this. It appears the ethernet port is for local wired connection to the mesh. Is this correct?

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