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MR60 Mesh with MS60 Satellites - Unable to Login to Satellite


MR60 Mesh with MS60 Satellites - Unable to Login to Satellite

Good day all, here is my conundrum:

I am working with Netgear Support, and they are practically useless in resolving my issues. I just purchased the MR60 Mesh System with 2 x MS60 Satellites. If I do nothing with them, and just set them up, they work great. However, I am attempting to create QoS rules to give certain devices higher priority than others (e.g. my smart light bulb is currently set to high while my smart tv is currently set to low and I wish to change this).


On, when I attempt to change the QoS rules, I'll select a device to edit, but upon reaching the next screen it is displaying a different device. Even when I change the priority for the displayed device, it does not update in the list of devices on the previous screen.  This was the first issue that made me contact Netgear Support.


Netgear Support has advised me to change my Firmware Version to, and my current Firmware Version is which I believe is a newer firmware version, so I'm not sure why I would downgrade to an older version. Either way, when attempting to do this and following the instructions, I go to: > advanced > administration > router update > manual update > then attempt to select the satellite to update with the downloaded MS60 firmware file ( I get a login prompt exactly like you would receive when logging into, however when entering my admin and password, it doesn't connect, and I simply receive the login prompt again. This is the second issue.


So now, I'm at a complete loss. I'm about to return this device as I am completely unable to customize it to my liking, and I am unable to make simple changes like I was able to make with my old Netgear Router (I only purchased the mesh system because I bought a bigger house and the old router finally died after 5 years).

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Re: MR60 Mesh with MS60 Satellites - Unable to Login to Satellite

Hello justinchayes1,


Welcome to the community! Has our support team been able to follow up with you? If not, please send me a private message with your email and case number.




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