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MR60 mesh dropping internet


MR60 mesh dropping internet

So I bought the MR 60 mesh with 1 satellite in late August 2020. Since I installed it in my grandfathers  home I was not there to always monitor the issues that the MR 60 was having. The main hub on the MR60 drops the internet everyday. The wifi internet goes out and when checking the main unit the light is amber, although the satellite is still blue. In order for the connection to reestablish I have to reset both my router and the MR60 unit. I originally sent in for support back in October for a fix. My 3 month trial support has ran out and I am still having the same issues. I currently have the V1.06.102 firmware installed. I am at my end with this product, and Netgear. Please advise on a serious fix not a temporary one. 

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Re: MR60 mesh dropping internet

I'm having the exact same issue - any suggestions/resolution.

Current firmware: V1.0.6.110


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Re: MR60 mesh dropping internet

Hello MeanMom,


Have you had a moment to perform a factory reset on the Nighthawk Mesh system and run through the setup assistant again? 



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Re: MR60 mesh dropping internet

I haven’t yet. One question...

I see this entry in the log over 200 times per day. The IP is the satellite. Does that mean it is disconnecting/reconnecting that many times?

DHCP IP: (] to MAC address 08:36:C9:84:ED:80, Saturday, Apr 03,2021 11:26:27
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