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MR60 no cable detected


MR60 no cable detected

I bought a mesh system and have just tried to set it up. It's not recognizing it's connected to my Arris CM820 modem. I have tried all manner of restarting. Unfortunately, it took me a while to set it up (my office just finished it's remodel, I bought this in advance on sale), so my tech support options have expired even though I just took it out of the box. My modem connects perfectly with my old AC1200, but no matter what I try it doesn't recognize the MR60 router is attached. The MR60 has recognized the satellites. I need the extended wifi and I'm not tech savvy, so any guidance is appreciated.
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Re: MR60 no cable detected

Try this. 

power off both the CM820 and the MK system. 

disconnect everything from both (even coax) and wait 2 minutes. 

then connect coax back to t he cm820 and power it on. 

Wait 2 minutes for it to fully boot. 

then connect the lan cable from cm820 to the wan port on the MR60.

then power the mr60 on. Give it 2 minutes to fully boot. 

then attempt setup. 

Current Setup: CM2000-> RBK750-> GS716v2-> RAXE500-> Pi-hole->
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