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MR60 w/1 extension; both defective according to your online support...


MR60 w/1 extension; both defective according to your online support...

Hello, I do in fact have an MR60 router that came with one extension.  Briefly, for 2 days now this router has started rebooting and/or completely shutting down, all for longer periods of time as time goes on.  I read your online support documents regarding this and all points to the fact that this is what you all call "hardware failure" and that either unit would NOT be repairable.


I also want to bring up the point here that as of this morning, when the router is on, the router does in fact have a burning smell/aroma coming from it, like melting plastic.  So obviously means that there is a safety issue now with the main hub anyway.


Furthermore, from within my account/support profile, I have submitted to you all 3 trouble tickets and not one has even been acknowledged.  Normally you get an auto-email that states you are in cue for help, but I get not one thing.  Hence this is ultimately why I am posting here, because I need one of you Nighthawk business level experts to refer this to upper Netgear management and tell them to respond to me immediately and they can respond directly to my support ticket portal.  


Another portention issue that I read about online re: this router is that it is highly likely that my ISP does not work with this Nighthawk system.  My internet company does NOT have this partifucular model router on their "approved" Netgear equipment list.  But let me tell you that this is Netgear's fault because I told you what ISP that I had BEFORE I purchased it from Netgear and I did this specifically so you would recommend to me the correct or a compatable unit.  The new cable modem that you sold me is approved by my ISP, but NOT the router.  And your sales people should ask the right questions FIRST so they do not give out misinformation like I got.


So my point here is that your replacement warranty states that you will replace it with the exact same model which WILL NOT WORK IN THIS CASE.  Just replacing this unit with a like model, as you can clearly see, will NOT fix my issues, regardless of what is failing here.


So please, I hope that a Nighthawk router expert will private me about this, make some good recommendations, plus it is imperative that this get routed into your upper technical support and sales management teams.  I have been a lifelong customer and the business sales team should know better than to mislead a customer like me in this situation.  And with the virus situation at hand, I can't just run out and get a compatible router - so I am really in a bad way here.


One last thing that I would try would be to tighten the security within the router settings and make them the highest security level possible.  Can you all tell me what level will give me the highest security and I need exact correct instructions of what and where to change the settings.  You can see in the attached photo that presently I am set on WPA Personal only.  But there are 3 choices.  So tell me which level to move to and what exactly to change please.


Finally here, will you tell me what the absolute latest wifi router technology is with Netgear and just be straight with me and tell me the best unit to get.  I do not care about cost.  I need immediate functionality and security for certain.  And really, I see now that this MR60 unit is really for home use, not business.  I need something that is a high end system that can be used dual purposely.  Both for business and personal.





Note: I am hearing impaired, therefore you need to private message me, text me, or email me at:
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Re: MR60 w/1 extension; both defective according to your online support...

Hello Erik,


Not a Netgear person here, however:


  1. As per the description there is a hardware problem on your device(s) - clearly a case for a hardware warranty replacement.
  2. The "hand-over" point for a Cable TV Internet connection is the Ethernet port on the cable modem. That's why either an ISP Cable modem or an approved device is required. Beyond that point, the ISP does not care.

@arunkmony can you please take care that your customers are served as they deserve? Thank you!



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NETGEAR Employee Retired

Re: MR60 w/1 extension; both defective according to your online support...

Hello designingpeople, 


May you send me a private message with your email address and case number(s). I'd like for our support team to follow up with you.




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