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Re: MR60 wireless mesh unable to connect with app


MR60 wireless mesh unable to connect with app

So I have been unable to connect to my nighthawk with the app for months now. Didn’t really give it much thought but now I am in the need to set limits on devices and when they can connect to the network. Every time I go to connect it says that it can not find my router. I was finally able to disable ipv6 after the newest firmware update (yes before the firmware it would not disable, it would automatically reenable). I make sure I am on the main wireless and not guest. The settings are checked for allowing access to devices on the network on my phone. I have also checked to make sure I am connected to the main router, I have done this by turning off the two satellites. This is becoming a pain and is making me want to go away from NETGEAR. It doesn’t help that even though I set static (preferred) addresses for devices the dhcp still sends out ip addresses for those devices, and my satellites even ended up connecting to different IP addresses once. Any help will be appreciated.
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Re: MR60 wireless mesh unable to connect with app

I had to factory reset my mesh devices, then run the new device setup from the (Android) app to get it to play nicely with my router.  If I first logged in through the browser admin UI the app either wouldn't ever connect, or would constantly show an error all while showing valid live data about the device.


Haven't tried on the latest firmware (or newer app if it is), but I'm guessing it's an app assumption issue not firmware.  Hit the same thing setting up an "upgraded" Xfinity modem.  It wouldn't activate unless I used their stupid Android app to setup the device first.  Using their browser admin UI first broke the process somehow.

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