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MS-60 / AX1800 Device List not Populating in Nighthawk App


MS-60 / AX1800 Device List not Populating in Nighthawk App

Over the past few months, the MS-60 / AX1800 satellite's Device List does not appear to be populating in the Nighthawk App. 


I'm running the latest firmware on both the router and satellite, and latest nighthawk app version


MR-60 shows correct list of connected devices e.g. 2.  Device Manager shows all connected devices e.g. 13.  MS-60 shows zero devices connected, when there should be 11. 


From a browser (Chrome), logging onto the satellite's admin console correctly displays the 11 devices connected to the satellite.


Appears to be an issue populating the list of devices connected to the satellite in the Nighthawk app.


This worked fine some versions back.


Any suggestions on how to correct this?

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Re: MS-60 / AX1800 Device List not Populating in Nighthawk App

Looks like firmware version has been removed, and replaced with an older at:

After a painful unhelpful support experience, decided to downgrade to

That solved the device list not populating issue on the MS-60, but now I can't seem to get the MR-60/MS-60 to connect at 866 Mbps or higher .. which was no issues with firmware.

802.11 ac connections gets stuck at 177.3 Mbps, and more often than not devices are forced on 802.11 n at 144.4 Mbps.

Can't help wonder if there's a 20/40 MHz coexistence issue. Unfortunately support have not been helpful.

Disabling coexistence does allow devices to connect at higher speeds, but only briefly, and then speeds are worse than with coexistence enabled.

Any suggestions?
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