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RAX120 + EAX80 wired backhaul in mesh,


RAX120 + EAX80 wired backhaul in mesh,

Hi, I have the RAX120 router + EAX80 extender. I want to put in Mesh-mode while it uses wired backhaul. It seems like this is not possible with stock software. Its either wired in AP-mode or wireless in Mesh-mode Why is this? Orbi does it..


Is it possible if I flash the systems?

Does a different model/brand have this option? 


Model: RAX120|Nighthawk AX12 12-Stream WiFi Router
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Re: RAX120 + EAX80 wired backhaul in mesh,

The orbi has custom firmware for it to support a wired backhaul with satellites. 

The EAX80 isn't configured for that. 

Its a mesh extender. meaning it functions as mesh when ran as an extender. 

When its used hardwired, it runs in access point mode as its own access point. Not as a satellite. 


The only consumer netgear products that support wired backhaul with mesh is the orbi line and the MK-nighthawk line. 

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