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Re: Will devices gain WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode soon?


Will devices gain WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode soon?

Does anyone know if the MK63 set (MR60 + 2 x MS60) will get mixed mode WPA3/WPA2 AES support anytime soon?  Or ever?


I just updated to the latest firmware (.124) and noticed I still only have WPA2 or WPA3 settings.  Though a few new QoS settings appeared (WMM for each network for instance).  I did a search to see if my past poor experience was expected, and sadly it appears so.


When I switched the router to WPA3 then my Android phone (Samsung A71 5G UW) stopped connecting...pretty sure it doesn't support WPA3 yet, or hadn't at the time of my last test.  Wouldn't surprise me if Samsung never added it.  I think an S10e might though (it already mentions Wifi6 when connected to the network in WPA2 mode).


Think my Amazon Fire 4k stick and MacBook Pro also stopped working, so I just factory reset the router at the time (didn't have a wired device to fix it with at the time).  I'm sure my iRobot 980 devices will never be updated to WPA3.

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Re: Will devices gain WPA3/WPA2 mixed mode soon?

I know they had it initially on a few routers but it was so buggy they pulled it. I've seen it being rolled back out on a few other devices lately. 

So it could be in the works. Sadly, netgear doesn't tell us whats being worked on or coming up for firmware releases 

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