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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

I thought of some cool feature ideas. Sorry for posting so late in the beta, you guys probably won't add since the beta is almost finished but here's what I thought of:

-Just like QOS, option to VPN/not VPN by applicaton instead of device (I know you can already exclude/include services/ports, but you have to add the device to do this, I'm saying VPN/not VPN by application for the whole network)

-A new feature, but VPN by SSID/Ethernet port # (Weird idea ik)

-Like connection benchmark, test your VPN speeds from Router

-Add VLANs (Not like the one in settings which is for IP TVs, but like VLANs for segregation)

-Add PMF (Protected management frames), although I think that's a hardware dependent thing right?


Also, I heard that if you have anti-bufferbloat sliders/bandwidth allocation set low for a device, but if that device is also on Hybrid VPN, that device uses more speed than allowed becasue the Router thinks that the VPN requires that speed to stay connected. Is that true? On the beta, is there an option to disable the tour from pooping up every time you load a feature?


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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

Thanks for the ideas! We are looking to re-do HybridVPN basically so possible we could include these. With the VPN speeds as OpenVPN is only supported the speeds are quite limited, it would also be harder to implement as people would connect to any VPN server in the world and Benchmark in its current state would connect to the server closest to you. You should be able to use VLANs to make networks, have you tried this? We can certainly look at PMF, I'll add it to our list.

I haven't heard that regarding the VPN and QoS, is this something you've tried? If the tour keeps popping up, you may have bookmarked the URL of the interface with the tour added, remove that and it won't come up or you may be clearing your browser cache/cookies often.
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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

Well the VLAN's on the NETGEAR Routers don't work to create seperate networks. I've tried it before and it doesn't work well. In fact, I actually lose connection, not only to the internet, but also to the Router's interface. The only thing that does have access to both is the Port/WiFi that I leave in the internet. I'm not really sure if I did the whole tag/priority number right, but when I clcik on the question mark, it says that VLAN/Bridge group is meant for IPTVs that can't work behind a Router.

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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

I'm not sure whether this works or not for seperating out your local network, I know it's mostly used for when you ISP requires it. As this it Netgear's settings it's not something I have too much experience with personally. Perhaps the below KB will help?


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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

I love your ideas for Hybrid-VPN, i've forwarded the suggestions to our team, we'll take them into account when we next patch Hybrid-VPN.

Regarding Protected Management Frames, this is something I think that Netgear would have to add. We wouldn't have the ability to add this through DumaOS.

Can I ask, why do you want PMF to be added? Just for added security?

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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

@Netduma-Liam, yeah, it's defintely not for seperate networks as Fraser thought, but for seperate traffic on the WAN

@Netduma_Alex, yeah just for security.


It sounds like these features are NETGEAR features. How do we appeal the request to NETGEAR? Would you guys be able to add the same features on your own Routers (R2)?

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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

We can pass those on to Netgear, we could implement them on the R2 yes!
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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

what is the newest firmware for dumaOS 3.0?? 

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Re: Feature ideas DUMA OS 3.0

@Machine1000 depends on your router, current is .120 for the XR500. All three current betas are pinned to the top of this forum: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/bd-p/en-home-beta-npg-duma
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