Geo filter not working on PC XR500


Geo filter not working on PC XR500


I can’t get my GEO filter on pc working right. I live in the netherlands, whenever i set the geo filter up in like south africa or anything for example (where is no server in the ping heat map) warzone still finds a game within 5 seconds with a ping of <15.

So that’s never possible the geo filter is working right?

I did the following things:

Hard turn off my pc
Remove the device from the Geo-Filter
Flush the cloud
Re-add the device to the Geo-Filter and choose the manual option with filter on
Setup your settings with 0 Ping Assist
Wait 2 minutes
Boot up the game

I tried to add my gaming pc as a pc, as a console, as a playstation but this all don’t work. I also tried to unplug and plug my wired utp cable in again. But it didn’t work. Please help me!

I’m using version v on my nighthawk xr500, because on the newest version there is no ping heat map.

I tried factory reset, i tried to reboot the router but nothing works.

Call of duty warzone always find a game withing 10 seconds with a ping of <15. I want to play on other servers, like india, poland which are shown on the ping heat map.

Please help me with this!
Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Geo filter not working on PC XR500

Can you provide a screenshot of this happening please?
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