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Guest network NETDUMA

Guest network NETDUMA

So all the XR gaming routers have the option for a guest network along with a box "Allow Guets To See Eachother And Access My Local Network" but I think these should be 2 seperate options. So for example, if I have guests over, they can't access my local network resources like printers, but they can see each other to play a LAN game and I could connect myself to the guest network to join the game instead of giving them access to my main network. Same thing with IoT devices. They would need to communicate with each other but not be able to access main PCs, etc. to avoid viruses. The 5 GHz guest network band could allow guests to talk to each other, but no local network access (Including other guest network band) and the 2.4 GHz guest network could allow the IoT devices to communicate with each other but not the main network (And not the other guest network). Can you guys add 2 boxes on each guest network that says "Allow Guests To Interact With Eachother" and "Allow Guests Access To Local Resources" in DUMA OS 3.0? Basically allows guests to communicate in their own LAN while isolating main network and isolating the other guest network? This would also be cool on the NETDUMA R2.

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Re: Guest network NETDUMA

That would be one for Netgear to implement so I can certainly pass that along. I'm not sure how many people actually use the Guest WiFi network so it may not be implemented any time soon, that would be the case for the R2 also but good idea!
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