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Re: Hybrid VPN bypassing QOS and Device Manager?


Hybrid VPN bypassing QOS and Device Manager?

I'm currently running V2.3.2.120 Firmware and I think this bug has also been around since DUMA OS 2.0. Any device on Hybrid VPN will bypass the QOS settings for it. I have about 12 mbps upload speed and when I stream my games on YouTube, I usually use around 10 mbps upload on my PC, so I allocate 10 mbps upload to my PC. During one of my streams, I ran a speedtest on a device that's NOT on Hybrid VPN and as expected, it gets around 2 mbps upload and I noticed no difference in my gameplay. However, when I use any device that's on Hybrid VPN, it will bypass the QOS settings. The upload speed I got on the VPN'd device was around 5-6 mbps and sure enough, my game and stream lagged and the Network Monitor said they were both using around the same upload speed. It's like as if they were fighting for bandwidth when there's no QOS. The same happens for download as well. All of this is for Bandwidth Allocation by DEVICE with "Upload Share Excess" checked. I also allocated bandwidth manually with "Upload Share Excess" unchecked, and the VPN'd device still bypassed the allocated bandwidth. When I was playing a game, a greedy device was using a lot of upload speed, and my upload slider for Congestion Control was at 100%. I then did a test and lowered the slider to 1.2 mbps upload, and as I looked at the Network Monitor, the device (Which was on Hybrd VPN) was still hogging all of the speed. I wasn't even streaming either, I was just playing a game (And yes, I have it on "Auto-Enable and it detected the high priotrity traffic on my traffic prioritization rule). The same happens with the Device Manager. If I try to block a device that's on Hybrid VPN, it'll appear black, but it still has internet access. If I take it off of Hybrid VPN and block it, it loses internet connection. However, the devices on Hybrid VPN don't bypass my Traffic Controller rules, but that's probably because Traffic Controller is a new feature and the developers were probably able to test it more thoroughly than the legacy DUMA OS 2.0 features.

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Hybrid VPN bypassing QOS and Device Manager?

Thanks for the detail on this one.


What device is it that you're trying to limit to 2mbps?

Do you get the same issue if you have Congestion Control set to 'Always'?

If you change your Congestion Control sliders to 99%, does the device in question then obey the speeds you set in Bandwidth Allocation?

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Re: Hybrid VPN bypassing QOS and Device Manager?

The MUCH bigger issue is that the Hybrid VPN feature leaks when IPv6 is enabled. If you have a device connected, like an Xbox where there is NO option to disable IPv6 on it, then the Hybrid VPN feature fails miserably unless you disable IPv6 globally on the router. This has been an issue for years and just something else never fixed.

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Hybrid VPN bypassing QOS and Device Manager?

We've been working on a DNS leak issue for Hybrid VPN so we actually hope to have this issue resolved in the next firmware, thanks for letting us know though!

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