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Re: XR500 running and 108


XR500 running and 108

Hi peeps,


Just a quick-ish observation...


I was running quite happily on my XR500 for a few weeks and then chose to upgrade to .108


All seemed okay for a few days but then for no apparent reason, my XR500 became extremely sluggish - sometimes unresponsive. This literally happened during a game of COD Cold War. For an hour or so prior to this everything was fine, but then:


  • The Geo-Filter stopped working altogether with no icons during live gaming sessions
  • I was being placed in regional lobbies close to me despite having drawn polygons thousands of miles away
  • Some XR500 UI pages would not load at all
  • My internet connection was very random in throughput (did many speed tests)

A memory leak?


I tried many things before I decided to downgraded to .104 again but I was experiencing exactly the same issues. I did numerous factory resets on .104 and still the same issues each time. The factory resets I tried were:


  • From within the GUI
  • Via a 30 seconds push of the hardware reset button
  • Via a 30-30-30 reset


Even the initial router setup pages and procedures were sluggish.


I was beginning to think my cherished XR500 was coming to the end of its life but as a final resort I then chose to downgrade to and to do another factory reset and so far, so good. All seems to have returned to normal other than I no longer have access to the nice shiny new features like Polygon Mode etc.


With thanks to those nice folk over in Duma Land, Cambridge, UK, I have been lucky enough to be an R2 beta tester for the past year, so I can still access all those new features of OS 3.0 on that hardware, but it would be nice to also have them on my XR500.


I have over 30 devices connected to my XR500, some with static IP assignments, so flashing new firmware’s and factory resets can be a bit of a chore but I’ll keep an eye out for the next version and will no doubt eventually try it when it arrives.


Not sure if this information is of any use but, for the record, it is out there!


Before you tell me, I know this was long for a ‘quick-ish’ observation Smiley Happy

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: XR500 running and 108

Could you upgrade to .114 then factory reset and see if you have the same issues? This one has quite a few fixes https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-DumaOS-3-0/New-Firmware-v2-3-2-108-XR500/m-p/2...
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Re: XR500 running and 108

Hi @Netduma-Fraser 👋


I didn't even realise .114 was available.


Is there a link to that firmware or is that closed beta?

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Re: XR500 running and 108

Apologies. I had a senior moment!


The clue was in the link 😀


I will have a bash at this firmware tomorrow or over the weekend.

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Re: XR500 running and 108

Upgraded to XR500 V2.3.2.114-DumaOS3.0.203 and began to see sluggish performance again. Pages very slow to load or completely unresponsive... speedtester line animations very stuttery...This was over LAN.


I decided to disable my Ethernet adapter and try over 5GHz and suddenly evrerything was okay again. Very fast page load times... no stuttering...


Not sure whether this is an XR500 LAN port issue or my Desktop but I'll continue to test and report back with anything significant.

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Re: XR500 running and 108

Did you do a factory reset after the upgrade? We haven't had any reports like that.
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Re: XR500 running and 108

No, I didn't factory reset for the simple reason I didn't have the time to reconfigure the router for the quite complicated setup I have. If I get the time, I will factory reset at the weekend and reconfigure.


However, currently on LAN things have settled down somewhat and all has returned to normal. You might remember from last year a lengthy thread from me in the Duma forums about Windows Ethernet adapter 'Auto Negotiation' not negotiating correct LAN speeds - maybe a driver issue? I have since tweaked this setting to 1Gbps and back to Auto-Negotiation. My guess is that this is likely to be the issue but I will continue to monitor the situation 😀

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Re: XR500 running and 108

That's interesting! OK well keep an eye on it and see how you get on, any further issues go ahead and report back!


Thanks for your continued support by the way!

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