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[2020] XR-500 Disconnect issue.


[2020] XR-500 Disconnect issue.

it's 2020 now. just got the xr-500 with most recent firmware pre-installed.

same symptom as discussed before.

- random disconnect

- DHCP lease event cause disconnect

- BT high traffic caused disconnect (me downloading seasume street and sailormoon)


what i have tried:

- downgrade to https://kb.netgear.com/000060127/XR500-Firmware-Version-2-3-2-32

- factory reset button

- disable QOS

- download less seasume street and sailormoon

- restrict BT session and speed


still disconnect randomly


then i found out a solution!!!!!



Remove all port forward rules will resume to normal behavior.

there will still be a DHCP lease event but on PC side is not really noticable.

how i test this is watch a twitch stream.


so far it's been one day. and seems to be fine



there is a conflict between the port forward function and built firewall/DDOS protection function.

i found out in the log that there are connection tried to connect the BT port (forwarded) but marked as DDOS.

some thread here said it is ok. but actually not.

so remove the port forward and let UPNP handle the traffic might be the solution.


please comment here see if this method works


btw. this router is good. the geo-filter is the reason.

laggy game experience is like eat **bleep**, especially when it came to street fighter 5 





Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: [2020] XR-500 Disconnect issue.

Well done for figuring out your issue and thanks for posting the solution.
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Re: [2020] XR-500 Disconnect issue.

What is the model# of your ISP modem? 
There a built in router at the modem? if so, this would cause problems with PF configurations. 

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