Re: Confused on what to buy


Confused on what to buy

I have a VDSL connection. I currently use a good six port router with a built in modem. The only problem is that its a commercial unit and its very complicated. I would like to replace it with perhaps a Netgear Modem and Router....something I can underwstand and has glitzy lights and stats!!  Having said that, only the most expensive routers offer eight gigabit ports and of course I am wasting a lot of money becuase I don't need wifi. I like the stats and UI on many of the new gaming routers, it's all good fun! Thing is though I am really not sure at all what I need. It seems that if I buy a seperate modem in fact everything I need is already in that modem, all I am missing is a switch. So I could say get a DM200 modem and just add an s8000 switch?? I was looking at the XR500 until I realised that the DM200 modem actually seems to have everything in it already? I'm very confused!!

The aim is here I need VDSL, at least 6 ports better 8, gaming stats would be nice, no wifi. Help!

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Re: Confused on what to buy

You can add any kind of switch to a modem/router combo or router unit. Even if the ports are limited on the modem router, you can just add a network switch. I have 24port on my system along with several other switches sprinkled around the house. 


It's up to you what you need. Do you do alot of gaming or just here and there, If alot, then maybe a XR router would work. If your just a causual gamer, then maybe just the modem router combo is all you need. 


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