DumaOS XR700 Gaming Router | Garbage QoS

Maybe its just me but this Anti-Bloat, Traffic Prioritization, and just general Allocation is pretty terrible and with absolutely no explaination of what it does.  All this seems to really do is limit your already **bleep** internet.


Like does this increase the priority for specific game running on a specific port on a specific device...OR is it just entire device gets priority?  How do I set this up with Bandwidth Allocation?  Does it overwrite that and just use Traffic Priority?  WTF are these DumaOS classified Games?  Why isn't steaming settings for Content creators a option?  why isn't it noticed at all?

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: DumaOS XR700 Gaming Router | Garbage QoS

I would recommend having a look at our optimal settings guides which should explain it more and show you how to use it. If you have any questions after that or your same questions still apply I'll be happy to help.
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