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Orbi WiFi 7 RBE973

Firmware download


Firmware download

I am attempting to download a firmware update. The instructions say to access the url routerlogin.net. The url is asking for a user name and password. neither my netgear username and password nor the router username and password will satisfy the request. How do I log into this url?

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Re: Firmware download

The XR500 download are provided on the Netgear support page -> Netgear Support - XR500 Downloads.


The routerlogin.net URL is intended to reach your router when being connected to it's LAN or WLAN. Alternate, use the router LAN IP address, by default it's if I'm not worng.

If you are on a different location, and there is a Netgear consumer router in the data path to the Internet - you will reach that device login page. 

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Re: Firmware download

Hi PB975, is the issue you're having with the XR500 or a different Nighthawk router? If it is a different Nighthawk router you would receive a much faster and more accurate response at: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WiFi-Routers/bd-p/home-wifi-routers-nighthawk

Assuming you're on the XR500 (though most of this information will help anyway). I believe the default login information is admin & password. If not it should have that information printed on a sticker on your router (probably the underside). If not of that is working and you still can't connect to it do a factory reset by holding the reset button in at the back for around 20-30s. Then it will take you through the setup and you can set the login details yourself there. Also the information given by schumaku I would recommend you try that first.
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