Re: Gaming - Star Wars Galaxies - Multiple Accounts


Gaming - Star Wars Galaxies - Multiple Accounts

Hey everyone,


Hoping one of you IT wizards can give me some ideas..


So Im trying to play Star Wars Galaxies with my kid. Yes the old one thats been shut down for like 10 years. Anyway there are tons of these Emulators. Took a week but we finally got our heads wrapped around it and got them working.


The problem is when we connect they keep Banning Us!!!!! Telling us we cant have 2 connections from the same House/IP/Whatever I dont fully understand how they know! They say we need to prove we bought the game, don't get me started I Purchased the game multiple times and sunscribed for years. I dont have the Discs anymore (I dont have my 8 Tracks and records either!!!) and for proof they want a picture of us holding the discs which seems super wierd to me.Even after that there is no gaurantee theyll let us connect!


So far my best solution is one of us use the regular network while the other connects via Hot Spot on the cell phone (ridiculous I pay 200 a month for awesome internet and want to use it!). So I'm chugging dial up like speeds via this.


Solution #2 I pay to have a seperate Internet Service or Two Internet Accounts (That was the only solution Spectrum offered).


Solution 3 I buy these games (again! for like the 4th time!) and send them pictures (which really bothers me) but the only way to Buy them now is on like Ebay or Amazon for $85 Dollars or more each!!!


Possile Solution 4 - The kid at Spectrum said to buy a Wireless Extender and that would likely do something so if I connect one PC to that and then to the game and the other the way I normally connect they "Shouldnt" see that were both at the same house.


I have a Nitehawk R800

Asus Modem (Just a modem not a router) From Spectrum 

and a WN3000RPV3 that I just purchased but I wanted to come here and see what you wizards thought before I try the Extender idea and get Banned again!!!


Any thoughts?

Model: R8000|Nighthawk X6 AC3200 Smart WIFI Router, WN3000RPv3|N300 WiFi Range Extender
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Re: Gaming - Star Wars Galaxies - Multiple Accounts

Can't think that any kind of internal network design does change anything from the (silly) most likely public IP address (and consumer connections have only one ...) address.


Now I start wondering what will happen for these users which have Internet connections with carrier grade NAT (CGN) or in-house/n-building Internet services where hundreds of customers are wroking on the same public IP address.


This looks like a design and "copy protection" from the past where people had one computer in the house.

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