Geo filter issue on XR500


Re: Geo filter issue on XR500

I was trying to follow the instructions on the link you gave me but I cant get the command prompt to change to desktop from the instructions. Help...

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Re: Geo filter issue on XR500

Type DIR and press enter, that will show you what the available folders are where you are - sort of like a simplistic view of the file manager. So then change directories by typing cd and then the name. So I'll give you an example:
You open command prompt and it starts with:
C:\Users\Mark9816> DIR
Results come back as
Folder 1
Folder 2 etc
You know Desktop is located in Folder 2 so type
cd Folder 2
cd desktop

Then continue with the instructions.
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Re: Geo filter issue on XR500

Thanks again

Thank you for all the help on this issue. It has helped I now show all kinds of icons on the map for RDR 2 its just to bad Rock Star F up the game with the lates up date they did..Thanks again

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