Help with XR500


Help with XR500

Hello, I recently did a factory reset on my device to fix issues I thought were from changes I had done. I went through and reconnected everything after the reset, and am now trying to figure out how to have my old WiFi name deleted (I have new names for my current WiFi but the old one still shows when looking for WiFi).

Also, I’m in Phoenix AZ and pay for gigablast, have the surfboard high end modem and a switch with almost everything of importance hard wired in. Any tips you would recommend to optimize speed?
Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Help with XR500

When you say the old name still shows when looking for wifi, do you mean that your devices still have the old network saved, or the router is still broadcasting the old network name?


Regarding everything being hardwired in, your Nighthawk router will not be able to control the traffic for anything which is connected to the modem rather than the router. In the ideal network setup, you'd have your modem in bridge mode and connected only to the Nighthawk, and then you'd have all of your switches and devices connected to that Nighthawk. That way you'll be able to see all of the devices in the DumaOS interface and you'll be able to manage bandwidth to prioritize gaming.

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