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Hit Registration/GeoFilter problems?

Im playing COD BO4 and Im having a hard time with hit registration. I watch my bullets hit the person but it doesnt get a hit marker sometimes its every other bullet. Other problem is I have Geo Filter set to filtering strict mode on 1200 mile range. I live in So. GA and I will get a sever in England. I very rarely get a dedicated server 90% it says peer host and is from CHOOPA.Net which has multiple facilities ATL CHI DALLAS etc. That is what i get most of the time. Ive tried blocking several but i still get the same facility just different server ID. What is happening is my XR500 defective need to facory reset or am i miising a step. I turn on geofilter before i start the game and i read the guides several time to make sure I didnt miss something. Getting frustrated to say the least!!!


Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Hit Registration/GeoFilter problems?

I have moved your post to the correct section so that you can receive support faster as those other sections on the NPG community aren't for support (apart from switch).

This server in England, does it have a white solid circle around it? If so that is fine, it is an authentication server and not the actual game server. Does it have a dashed circle around it? If so then it has been ping assisted so make sure to adjust your Ping Assist settings.

Choopa is a dedicated server so you are getting servers, it just hasn't been classified in our cloud database or you're not on the latest one. Flush the cloud in the Geo-Filter Map options, if a box appear saying it's taking too long wait a minute and refresh the page.

You could also try forcing different servers by moving your location and adjusting your radius to cover other states. Some people find that gives them a better experience.
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