Increased latency with XR500


I dug through thr achived posts to see if there was anything addressing this situation or something I haven't tried yet.



I have my console and pc hardwired directly into the router within a 3 foot radius of each other, directly connected to the modem that is within 1 foot of the router, modem is connected to RG6 that runs about 10 feet and then connects to an RG11 under the house, which runs about 30 feet to the ground connector outside, then runs another 100-150 feet to the neighborhood hub. 


All ethernet cables are CAT6.



My situation has been ongoing for a few days. Most of my issues are relative to my xbox one x.

Prior to owning the XR500 (FIRMWARE V2.3.2.56) I had a Nighthawk X4 R7500, which worked fine for the most part, but periodically I would

  • experience disconnects from xbox live.
  • I worked out the situation with the IP and had them install RG11 and replace the old RG6 so I could have a better frequency from the hub to my house.

The past few days have been strange. It's almost as if my xbox is being throttled by the router, definitely seemed QoS related. Since instead of the 220+ download and 11 upload w/ 32 latency I'd get with the X4 R7500, I have been getting a consistent 52 download, 5 upload and 52+ latency.



I did everything one could imagine to get to the bottom of it. 

  • I even DNS benchmarked / changed DNS servers.
  • I have disbabled QoS
  • Port forwarded all xbox related ports just as I did on my my previous router 
  • Disabled UPnUP.
  • Geo-filter has been enabled/ disabled with no changes in performance. 


FIX (SO FAR) / Current setup

Ultimately I factory reset the router and all appears to be fine, even though most of the settings were tested previously with no success.

  • UPnUP  is still disabled
  • all xbox ports are forwarded
  • my consoles IP is also is set as DMZ under the "WAN setup."
  • IPv6 is enabled to "Auto-config."
  • QoS is disabled entirely.
  • Geo-Filter is enabled for my console when playing R6S.

My biggest concern now is the latency.

How is it that I am pulling 20ms MORE on average for my PC and Console compared to using the X4 R7500, when the settings are as identicle as they can be.


  • QoS is disabled on both.
  • Same ports are forwarded on both.
  • settings on pc and xbox are unchanged.


The latency is higher for both devices when using the XR500. I bought the darn thing to make things better, but it seems it is designed mostly for WIFI and congested networks. Two things I am fortunate to not require. The only benefit I may have to owning this new router is maybe, maybe I won't experience the disconnects mentioned in the beginning. Outside of that, everything else has been kind of diminished.


Any comments or solutions? 

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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NetDuma Partner

Re: Increased latency with XR500

Very strange. Have you tried different ethernet ports in the back of the router? Just checking there isn't a faulty port.

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Re: Increased latency with XR500

I have not tried a different port.
Never imagined that could be the issue.
I'll update with the results shortly.
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Re: Increased latency with XR500

I agree it seems unlikely, i'm just trying to rule things out.

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Re: Increased latency with XR500

Yeah, I tried all the ports. Not a big enough change to rule that as the cause. I don't know what it could be, but I'm not worried about it at this point. I'll just accept the higher latency 😭
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NetDuma Partner

Re: Increased latency with XR500

I don't know what to suggest. I can't think of any settings that would cause this additional latency. This might be a hardware problem that requires a replacement.

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