Isse with Hybrid VPN & Ethernet


Isse with Hybrid VPN & Ethernet

Hi all,


I was working with the XR500 and using Hybrid VPN via wif-fi and ethernet normally.

The only problem that I have is related to VPN DNS leaks.


However this week my Hybrid VPN functionatily is only working with devices connected via Wi-fi.


If I use the Ethernet cable directly from the router and enable Hybrid VPN for a specific device, the ISP IP is shown during my test. Somthing that was not happening before..


The only difference from my previous week is the fact that I've plugged a port switch GS105Ev2 to one of the port of the router (with DHCP Mode enabled - basically plugged out of the box). 

I tried to unplugged the cable connected to GS105Ev2 from the router and test the behavious of the Hybrid VPN functionality but the issue persist.

The ISP IP is shown during my test with Hybrid VPN activated.


To clarify:

- I am testing a device that is plugged directly to the router 

- Hybrid VPN is enabled and connected 

- If I use the same device with Hybrid VPN via wi-fi is working


Could you please advice how to solve this problem?

Model: XR500|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Isse with Hybrid VPN & Ethernet

How have you added the device to be VPN'd? It should be added with Do NOT VPN these services with no services added to VPN the whole device.
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