LTE Modem performing at 3G levels 4G LTE signal (except)


LTE Modem performing at 3G levels 4G LTE signal (except)

Tôi đã mua một Modem LB2120 4G LTE để kết nối ngôi nhà của mình với 4G LTE hiệu quả, có sẵn xung quanh ngôi nhà của họ. While setting it, it can be get 40-50Mbps when when. Day after gain the speed, it will be slow since change from 1 to 8Mbps. This is occured multiple many times and last same to be removed. Now you are using a dongle wifi and all all running the tru tru.


I don't know what was happen, but you can set a in the tower 2 in the area of ​​their we like as limit in the 3G signal on this time. I already set modem at the location of the 3G port after the house and the bound 4G. The still still still even even when 4G signal is better than so với 3G. I just trying to set modem and connect online on your computer. Modem hiển thị 4 vạch nhưng máy tính của tôi chỉ có 3,5Mbps. The dongle, 5 feet, now for me 35Mbps.


I did not know any effect at link at 3G or 4G, but that is my reason of this job. I have resed modem multiple and try all you install that you want to. I nghi ngờ that that already have a dud, but if that that that that that have some known know that very like listen them.

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Re: LTE Modem performing at 3G levels 4G LTE signal (except)

Hello, this is the community for the Nighthawk Pro Gaming range of routers, not for modems. Is it a Netgear modem that you have? If so it would be better for you to post here:
If it's not a Netgear modem then I would recommend posting on the modem manufacturers website.
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