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Need Advice If I should get these routers????


Need Advice If I should get these routers????

So I am torn on trying the XR500 again, I tried it a few months ago and man to many issues. And from what I see on this forums the issues are still there. Now I see the XR700, seems like a soild router but does it have the same issues as the XR500. I want your guys honest opinion if you think its time to try ethier one of these out again? 


My set up is At&t fiber 1000 down & 1000 up, ASUS RT-AC3100 using Merlin FW. I do not use the AT&t Gateway at all, use the Dumb Switch Method, so I by pass that entirely. just use the AT&t ONT to a netgear S8000 and my ASUS router. 


Please give me your honest opinion.


Thanks in advance guys.

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Re: Need Advice If I should get these routers????

What issues were you having and I can let you know if they are still something to be concerned about. The XR700 is a fantastic router in my opinion, especially if WiFi is really important to you. I don't believe the XR700 has the XR500 issues you're probably referring to. It'll be able to handle your connection no problem.
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