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Need Netgear Gaming Router


Need Netgear Gaming Router

Hi, Keila here, I am a pro gamer and live streamer. i am facing network issue in my appartment the wifi router is approx 20 meter away but not giving proper signal, I recently got a gaming pc with gaming gadgets my gaming setup is fine but i'm facing signal problems can you tell me the best netgear router which gives proper wifi signal to my computer so i can play games without any network problem. I have a budget of 400$. thanks.

Model: XR700|Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Need Netgear Gaming Router

The best? Run an ethenet cable through the apartment or more the router. 

Apartments are notorious for poor signals as there tends to be a many different routers broadcasting which causes interference. they also tend to be built with cement/brick/metal that blocks wifi really well. 

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