Nest Cam constantly disconnects


Nest Cam constantly disconnects

I have a strange issue that I'm trying to debug. I have a XR500 and a Nest Cam (original model, not the IQ one). The Nest Cam constantly alerts me that it goes offline probably 3-5 times a day but does come back right away. I can't tell if its the Nest Cam (as the logging is basically non-existant) but I'm wondering how I would dig into the XR500 logs to see if its the router wifi dropping out sporadically or the Nest Cams. Any thoughts or directions to start my search?



Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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Re: Nest Cam constantly disconnects

Are any other devices dropping connection as well that you know of?
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Re: Nest Cam constantly disconnects

I have 4 Nest Cams, 1 old Dropcam and 2 indoor, one outdoor.  They were all having issues staying connected on the standard SSID that is shared between the 5 and 2.4Ghz channels.  I created a SSID on the guest network and had them connect there.  After I made that change all the indoor cameras had no issues.  The outdoor one was still disconnecting.


I then made a guest SSID on 5Ghz for the outdoor NestCam and connected it there.  Now it works 95% of the time.  I did a site survey out near it and there were over 15 different neighbor networks on 2.4Ghz causing interferrence.  


Hope this helps you.  I had more problems with them on my old Amplifi mesh network piece of junk that I sold.

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Re: Nest Cam constantly disconnects

I had the same problem with my two outdoor Nest Cams with an older TP Link router. I continued to have some disconnects with the XR500 after purchase in April when I had converged 2.4/5GHz SSIDs. When I split it to separate SSIDs for 2.4 and 5GHz, the disconnects went away. I believe both are now connected on the 2.4GHz only, but I'd have to check when I get home. 


It's also good to note that Nest does have occassional server hiccups that are difficult to debug whether it's the cameras, your wifi, or the servers. However, if the issue lasts more than a week with the same wifi config, I'd blame their connection to your router.

Model: XR500| Nighthawk Pro Gaming Router
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